[mythtv-users] Prebuffering pause on Frontend playing back HD

Chris Dos chris at chrisdos.com
Mon Jan 1 15:51:31 UTC 2007

This is an update for where I'm at now with this:

Chris Dos wrote:
> I built a new frontend for Christmas.
> It's spec's are:
> AMD X2 3800+ proc
> Asus M2NPV-VM MB with Integrated Geforce 6150 Video VGA/DVI
> 1 GB RAM
> Silverstone ML01 case
> etc.
> This was pulling off 802.11a at a sustained 4 MB/s transfer, but for testing
> this issue, I've hooked up GB ethernet and I'm transferring 23 MB/s.

Wireless 802.11a in turbo mode is giving me 4 MB/s and it's enough to have HD

I've overclocked the processor from 2.0 ghz to 2.2 ghz.  It's still not quite
enough to play back HD with libmpeg and I'm still getting prebuffering pauses.

So I gave it a try to set up XvMC even though I've not had much success with it
with XvMC and HD since 18.1, and low and behold, it can playback HD now.  I'm
just getting a just perceptible little audio pop/crackle about once a minute or
so during playback.  I'll have to figure out what is causing that.

At least I can use the frontend now, though I'm not happy that I have to use
XvMC to get it to work when I built the system powerful enough to not have to
use it.

I think that my problem has originated in SVN, so I'm going to post my issues to
the Dev list.


Chris Dos
Senior Engineer
Cell: 303-520-1821

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