[mythtv-users] shows Expired unexpectedly

Josh TwoOneSix at thatclothingco.com
Wed Feb 28 18:28:43 UTC 2007

James Pifer wrote:
> I realized last night that I lost several episodes of 24 and a couple
> others. Worst part is that I had not watched them yet! When I checked
> the logs they were Expired because of disk space. I have a 750 gig drive
> and it did get down to just under a 100 gig free around the same time
> these expired. I've been looking through the setup screens over and over
> but I'm not finding what I'm looking for. 
> Where is the setting to tell myth when to start expiring recordings? I'm
> guessing mine is set at 100 GB. 
It expires if an upcoming recording requires more space then it 
currently available on the disk. I use a shell script I wrote that runs 
as a cron every day and if my disk space is lower then X it sends me an 
e-mail telling me which shows are next on the "auto-expire" list.
> Is there a global setting to have LiveTV recordings auto-expire but have
> scheduled recordings NOT auto-expire?
On your frontend (using the "Default" Menu theme)... Utilities/Setup -> 
Setup -> TV Settings -> General -> General (Auto Expire)
> I would also prefer to have auto-expire disabled for new recording
> schedules I setup. Is this possible?
I do this in MythWeb since it's much easier... I can't remember the last 
time I set a schedule with the frontend... let me walk through it really 
OK, when your setting(or changing) the recording options for a program, 
in the "Storage Options" section set "Allow auto-expire" to "Don't allow 
auto-expire" and if you want it to be persistent, you have to upgrade to 
SVN or wait for the next version to be stable enough for release. In the 
SVN version I see these new options:
[] Auto Expire watched programs before unwatched
[X] Auto Expire default ***I think this is the option your looking for***
[X] Re-record watched programs
> I have a lot of recording schedules. Anyone know how I might turn off
> auto-expire through sql instead of going to every schedule?
Well, once you get connected to mythconverg, you should be able to run this:
UPDATE record SET autoexpire = 0 WHERE autoexpire = 1;

Changing the default value of the column probably won't do much since it 
appears the value is explicitly set in the code that creates each schedule.
> Any other suggestions?
I don't ever suggest changing the database directly, so if I were you I 
would simply use MythWeb to update each schedule manually. Also, as I'm 
sure you know, you can view the expiring "hit list" on your frontend by 
going to Information Center -> System Status -> AutoExpire List
> Thanks,
> James
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Hope that helps


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