[mythtv-users] Takes long time to enter "Watch Recordings" menu

Erland Isaksson erland_i at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 28 05:26:12 UTC 2007

On Feb 27, 2007, at 11:33 AM, myth at dermanouelian wrote:
 > On Feb 27, 2007, at 9:22 AM, erland wrote:
 >> Suddenly it has started to take a lot of time to enter the "Watch
 >> Recordings"
 >> menu in MythTV, earlier it has been a bit slow and taken maybe 5
 >> seconds but
 >> now it has started to take about 30 seconds instead.
 >> The problem is reproducable both on the frontend running on the
 >> same machine
 >> as the backend but also on a separate frontend running on a laptop.
 >> The CPU
 >> usage during the 30 seconds seems to be less than 20% on both the
 >> frontend+backend machine and the separate frontend on the laptop,
 >> so I don't
 >> think it is a CPU problem. Sometimes on the laptop I have even
 >> gotten a
 >> message saying that the connection with the backend has been lost.
 >> Most of the other menus works as fast as before, and it is also
 >> fast to step
 >> around inside the "Watch Recordings" menu while you have successfully
 >> entered it.
 >> The only difference I can see is that the number of saved
 >> recordings is a
 >> bit more, there are about 370 saved recordings at the moment.
 >> Has someone else seen the same problem and knows if there is a
 >> workaround ?

 >Try running optimize_mythdb.pl

I already tried running optimize_mythdb.pl, but it didn't make any 
difference, the problem still remains.

Neither the mythbackend, mythfrontend nor the mysql process seems to use 
any CPU at the time. The only CPU usage regaring myth was some 
commercial flagging job that were executed. But the problem is also 
reproducable when no jobs are running and then the CPU is pretty much 
100% idle.

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