[mythtv-users] internal dvd player subtitles bug (svn)?

luitjens at cs.utah.edu luitjens at cs.utah.edu
Wed Feb 28 04:43:49 UTC 2007


Subtitles in mythdvd do not seem to be working for me.  When I push the 
button to enable subtitles the internal player shows "CC1 on" and if the 
show has people talking the current subtitle will show up but all 
further subtitles will not show up.  In addition, if I press the button 
to toggle the subtitles again it switches to "Subtitle1: English On" and 
the same problem shows up where the first subtitle shows up but 
non-further.  After the OSD disappears pushing the button again shows 
"Subtitle1: English On" again with the same problem.  I have seen this 
problem with both Open Season, Man of the Year and Space Balls at 
least.  After those 3 I didn't try any other DVDs.  Every once in a 
while pushing the button causes subtitles to work normal but this seems 
to be rarely.

Can anyone else running the latest SVN test dvd subtitles and confirm 
this problem before I submit a bug report?


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