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Kevin Ould crippler75 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 02:47:12 UTC 2007

Hello again,

Sorry for the multiple messages tonight, this is the last one. I have been
setting up all my favourite shows to record and have found some new ones I
like in the process. Normally I set up my recordings to record "New Episodes
Only" of the shows I follow, not wanting to record the reruns. But if I
select a show which I haven't followed before but would like to start
recording it and set it to record at any time on any channel and don't use a
filter will it record the older episodes as well as the newer and be smart
enough to not record the same episode twice? Say if Episode #1 of Show X is
recorded on March 1st. I watch it say the next day and delete it when
finished but then Episode 1 is shown again on March 10th, will Myth
re-record the same episode again? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I
wasn't sure what the logic was here.


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