[mythtv-users] Inconsistent program naming in EIT guide on FreeView (UK DVB)

junk junk at giantblob.com
Tue Feb 27 12:24:57 UTC 2007

Peter Bowyer wrote:
> On 27/02/07, junk <junk at giantblob.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm having trouble with Myth recording a lot of duplicate programs. I'm
>> in the UK, recording FreeView DVB broadcasts and using the
>> over-the-air/EIT program guide only. For example I've ended up with four
>> copies of a recent Ugly Betty episode (some people would argue that even
>> one copy of this show was probably surplus to requirements but I have to
>> 'test' MythTV on something...)
>> I've set up a rule to record this show at any time on any channel since
>> the same series is transmitted on Channel 4, E4 and E4+1 at different
>> times throughout the week.
> Try 'find and record one showing of this title each week' instead.
> This works for me (with RT data, not EIT). My data point is Desperate
> Housewives, which has about as many showings across 3 channels as Ugly
> Betty - it messed up in the first week of the new season because there
> were 2 new episodes in a week, but since then it's been fine. Myth
> will record the earliest showing of a new episode, bumping it to a
> later showing regardless of channel in case of conflicts.
> I've learnt to trust the way Myth does this - the less messing around
> you do manually selecting and de-selecting showings of the same
> program, the more it will do for you.
> Again, I use RT data, not EIT.
> Peter
Thanks. I wonder if you're having more luck because of the guide you're 
using or the type of scheduling. Does the 'find and record one showing 
of this title each week' setting, simple ignore the extended program 
description and assume all showings in a given week are the same episode 
or is it more intelligent than that?

FWIW, I noticed, browsing through the Myth sources, that the EIT guide 
scanner scanner goes to some lengths to match duplicate programs in the 
face of inconsistent guide data - it seems to score programs based on a 
count of words in common between the two showings - but the recording 
scheduler does a dumb textural compare. (specifcially eit.cpp, 
score_match() versus ProgramInfo::IsSameProgram()). Can any of the 
developers comment on why this is done differently and whether the 
scheduler would benefit from using the same heuristic?

-- jeek

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