[mythtv-users] Homebrew Serial Receiver Problems

Jeremy Gillick myth at mozmonkey.com
Mon Feb 26 17:00:18 UTC 2007

> Have you checked to see if you have the serial port turned on in your 
> bios? 

I believe so, but then again I've never messed with serial port stuff 
before.  When I'm in the bios under Onboard Devices it says:

    Serial Port A:   3F8-3FF, IRQ 4
    Serial Port B:   2F8-2FF, IRQ 3

I don't see anywhere to enable or disable it.

> Have you tried to test the remote, with typing mode2 in a terminal 
> to see if the remote is sending?

I have with no success.  It doesn't recognize anything.  I then tested 
the serial port with my multi-meter to find that it is not powering the 

>    If you are using the Huppauge receiver why not use the port on your 150?
> I don't know where you are located,but may be you should buy the parts 
> as listed on that site(the Huppauge may need different components to 
> work) and get it working and then modify  it to suit your setup....

I believe the Hauppauge system is proprietary and will only accept their 
remote -- I'm trying to use a different remote.   What parts are you 
talking about?

> Not much help, but a few suggestions....
> Good luck....
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