[mythtv-users] OTish: Sky Navigator remote setup + Attn Yan Seiner

btsglw btsglw at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 17:00:14 UTC 2007


I saw mention of this remote a while back on the list and thought it
would be great to use with the frontend I have in my kitchen since the
remote has a built-in keyboard.  I did a google search and found
references of people using a program called kbdd together with lirc
(I'm using a serial receiver from irblaster.info) and the uinput
module to use the keyboard.  I duly downloaded the kbdd source code
and compiled it. However, I'm now stuck because I don't know exactly
how I should be calling this from lirc. How should I map the keys in
my .lircrc file given that I have a working lircd.conf file (irw shows
that the remote is working correctly)

One thing I found through my search is that Yan Seiner, who posts on
this list has mentioned he uses this same remote and kbdd. So, Yan,
would you kindly explain how you got kbdd and lirc to work?



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