[mythtv-users] Default Time Stretch per recording

Matt skd5aner at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 18:44:21 UTC 2007

On 2/18/07, Peter Schachte <schachte at csse.unimelb.edu.au> wrote:
> >    I thought there was a feature added a long time ago that allowed
> > users to put default time stretch speeds on recording rules... for
> > example, I would be able to set the recording rule for "The Daily
> > Show" to 1.3 and anytime I played it back it would start at 1.3x time
> > speed.  However, it seems like I can't find this setting anymore... or
> > it never existed and I'm losing my mind.  I'm not talking about
> > setting it for all playback, just individual shows.
> >
> > So... does it (did it) exist?
> It's in 0.20.  When you schedule a recording (or edit a schedule), go to the
> Storage Options menu.  One of the options is Playback Group (or something like
> that; I'm not in front of my Myth box now).  I can't remember if you can create
> a new Playback Group from there, or if you have to go to the setup menu, but
> each playback group has an time stretch value; when you start playing a
> recording, it starts with the time stretch value from that recording's playback
> group.  You can also edit the Default playback group, changing the default
> playback speed.

ahhh... so it's all based on playback groups then.  I thought I recall
it being a per-recording basis, so that it didn't matter which
playgroup it's in (since I only use the default).


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