[mythtv-users] BBC HD (1080) h.264 / AVC playback

Tim Small tim at buttersideup.com
Tue Feb 20 18:16:09 UTC 2007

Stroller wrote:
> On 19 Feb 2007, at 21:01, Tim Small wrote:
>> I don't like non-free drivers, and won't use them if I can avoid it  
>> - as
>> a result, I'll only consider buying NVidia hardware when they release
>> full specs.
> Hear, hear!
> I'm hoping to use Intel graphics when I build my MythTV box in the  
> next few weeks.

The Intel hardware is also - as far as I know - a *lot* lower power than 
the Nvidia stuff (particularly for the 945GM chipset - 7 watts max TDP 
for the GMCH - when driving 2 channels of DDR2-667, with the internal 
graphics running at 250MHz).

There is some info on the Intel drivers here:




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