[mythtv-users] Image Quality PVR-500

J. David Maino david.maino at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 15:47:37 UTC 2007

I would love to be able to pretend that I knew what all this means  :)

I found the option in Mythtv to do deinterlacing, but that does not seem 
to have helped. What are the other modes you're talking about? I have an 
Athlon 3200+ in this machine with 1.5gigs of ram. Not going to win any 
speed contests, but it's not terribly slow either.

I also figured out how to finetune the channels, which helped with the 
coloration of the one tuner. So now I have 2 tuners that look nearly 
identical on each channel, but from channel to channel the quality can 
vary greatly. On some channels the quality is fine (I say fine, but 
considering I'm used to my old ATI TV Wonder VE, take that worth a grain 
of salt), but on others it's just bad. Do I need to go through and 
finetune each individual channel? It seems to mostly be the lower 
channels that are poorer quality, so I don't know if that may give clues 
as to what's going on.


>  > Now I know why they say a picture's worth a thousand words :-)
>  >
>  > First, you have "mouse teeth" on your "good" pictures, an interlace
>  > artifact, try de-interlacing to fix that, what method will depend on
>  > your CPU power and your ultimate display. Perhaps you're de-inting on
>  > playback and don't see that when you actually watch, but it's in the
>  > file.
>  >
>  > Looks like you haven't tuned the channel perfectly with Myth. This
>  > could be just the "Samsung Tuner Syndrome" or you could possibly be
>  > using the incorrect channel table.
>  >
>  >One other thought- that could be garbage products due to overload.
>  >Doesn't the 500 card have an on-board amplifier that can be turned on 
>  >and off? Perhaps you could try turning it off and/or putting an
>  >attenuator ahead of the card?

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