[mythtv-users] Getting the most use out of all tuners

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Feb 19 14:18:01 UTC 2007

On 02/18/2007 09:41 PM, Peter Schachte wrote:
> So it seems there should be two kinds of pre-roll:  the kind that can be
> ignored if the same tuner is already in use, and the kind that should only be
> ignored if doing so would allow more programs to recorded.  The kind of "soft
> pad" people are looking for would fit into the second category (there's already
> a "hard pad" in the Start Early and End Late recording Scheduling options).

Far more important is the hard padding available with the start 
early/end late options on a per-recording-rule basis.  With these, you 
are allowed to /tell/ Myth what you want.  If you want to ensure you get 
10 minutes extra before and after every recording because Australian 
broadcasters don't know how to do their jobs, put a 10 in each field of 
each recording rule.  Then, go to the Upcoming Recordings page and look 
for conflicts.  Once you find a conflict, /you/ make the decision 
whether it's important to get the extra 10 minutes after Heroes so you 
know you got it all or if you want to 10 minutes before "Dressed to 
Kill" with Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes /or/ whether you're rather 
have all of both, and, therefore, would prefer to not record the 
lower-priority movie (which may re-run in several weeks or--if nothing 
else--is probably available as a rental/purchase).

To record both, create a one-time recording override for the conflicting 
show(s) that adjusts the start early/end late times.  Note that you can 
have a +10/+10 for Heroes and +10/+10 (creating 20 minutes of overlap).  
To ensure you record all of Heroes, you can decide to keep the +10/+10.  
But, since you'd like to see most of "Dressed to Kill", you can put a 
-20/+10 in its rule/recording override. Then, you have "soft" padding 
that's /only/ as soft as you want it.

Myth is not a mind reader.  Myth should /not/ be a mind reader.  If you 
want a mind reader, I'm sure Windows MCE/Vista Ultimate have some kind 
of "Wizard" or "Clippy" or "Dancer" or "Bob" or whatever that does the 
right thing.  But, don't whine to this list when you miss the last 10 
minutes of Heroes and don't find out who Claire's biological father is 
(or who flies and who dies or ...).


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