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Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 02:30:23 UTC 2007

On 18/02/07, ryanlists79 at gmail.com <ryanlists79 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm sure I'll get flogged for this easy one, but I can't seem to stumble
> upon to the answer.
> I thought I added a recording group through the mythfrontend interface
> called animation, but on mythweb I can't find it when I try to (alter)
> a  schedule .  All I see still is "Default" and "LiveTV".  What I want
> to do is create several recording groups that I can then set for
> recordings through mythweb.  Anyone know where that is in the mysql
> database, or if there is a "trick" to do it elsewhere?  Here's what my
> changes actually added to the database through mythfronted:
> mysql> select * from playgroup;
> +-----------+------------+-----------+----------+-------------+------+
> | name      | titlematch | skipahead | skipback | timestretch | jump |
> +-----------+------------+-----------+----------+-------------+------+
> | Default   |            |        30 |        5 |         100 |    0 |
> | animation |            |        30 |        5 |         100 |    0 |
> +-----------+------------+-----------+----------+-------------+------+

You're confusing Playback Groups with Recording Groups.

With Playback Groups (which you have listed using the SQL statement),
you can apply specific timestretch and skip settings for playback of
recordings. You can apply a specific Playback Group to a recording
rule by editing the Storage Settings for that rule, and choosing the
Playback Group you want. Playback Groups are created and edited in
Setup->TV Settings->Playback Groups. You cannot apply them directly
via MythWeb, although you can choose timestretch (as of SVN 12809).

Recording Groups allow you to group recordings so that they can be
listed in the Watch Recordings list separately from other recordings
(using a filter), and have other configured settings. Recording Groups
can be created from scratch and applied to a recording rule in the
Storage Settings for the rule. You can apply an existing Recording
Group to a recording rule in MythWeb, but you cannot create a new

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