[mythtv-users] Control of multiple external tuners with MythTV

Scott Walker lkomage at bellsouth.net
Sun Feb 18 22:00:08 UTC 2007

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I've got 2 DSR922 4DTV receivers, one DSR920 4DTV receiver, and a Pansat
FTA MPEG receiver that I'd like to get MythTV to be able to tune. It
looks like the only was to go at this is with some sort of IR
transmitter (because there's no direct interface for a 4DTV). I've seen
several "IR blasters" mentioned here, but am unsure as to which one
would be best for a non-hardware-adept tinkerer ("I'm a programmer;
never let a software guy near hardware!"). All the external receivers
will be easily reachable by an IR transmitter in the room, and none of
the devices conflict with each other in terms of codes, so all I really
need to know is which of the IR transmitters mentioned around here will
allow me to transmit commands to each of these devices?
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