[mythtv-users] Best Sound/Speaker Configuration?

Mlists mlists at dressler.ca
Sun Feb 18 14:38:07 UTC 2007

    Hi all,

The only part of my system that I'm not entirely happy about is my sound
setup.  I have a Diamond Extreme 7.1 card in the P-4 2.6Ghz system.
It's connected with spdif to a cheap Koss surround AC3/digital decoder.

The issue I'm having is I think the cheap Koss decoder is causing about
a 300ms lag when its decoding AC3 so I can almost never get the
video/audio in sync.  I've tried almost everything I can think of to
resolve that issue and have pretty much given up on that problem.  When
not sending AC3 over spdif, the video/audio is in sync.  

I want to get the best sound quality I can.  The question I have is
should I be looking for a better AC3 decoder/receiver or since my sound
card can send directly out to amp'd speakers, should I be looking at
getting just good speakers?  I'm open to suggestions on models, etc.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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