[mythtv-users] Is XFS the best choice?

Al al210 at hamster.foxhollow.ca
Fri Feb 16 00:42:10 UTC 2007

> And this is in addition to having my entire entertainment center
> plugged into one of those screwy outlets that has a wall switch --
> yeah I know, long story.  But needless to say I've gotten the "lights
> out" scenario more than a few times, and now problems whatsoever.

Sounds like you would prefer it to be a non-switched outlet.
Perhaps just bypass the switch in the switch box.  If it were me, that's
what I'd be doing but only you know your individual circumstances.

As far as xfs, I was using it for my video partition for quite a while.
I did a FC4 to FC6 upgrade and afterwards would regularly get lockups.  Top
showed mythcommflag running at lockup.

After much frustration and then reading about the 4k kernel issue I changed
to ext3 for video.
I had been using LVM with xfs, which likely was the issue.

I didn't like ext3.  Subjectively response seemed slower accessing the video
than it had been with xfs.
I didn't like the non-immediate indication of remaining disk space if I
chose "slow deletes".
Most of all after reading that ext3 halts writes during deletes I was
concerned about bad recordings during operations outside of the "slow
delete" feature within myth.  (i.e. manual deletes, mythtranscode)

I've since gone back to xfs for recordings, but eliminated LVM.  I didn't
use it anyways.
I do use an UPS.

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