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Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 20:36:52 UTC 2007

On 15/02/07, me at blaue0.net <me at blaue0.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> I searched the mailing lists and so on, but I don't think I have found
> an answer. What I'm trying to do is the following: I want to controll
> two settop boxes of the exact same type with two serial infrared
> transmitters from irblaster.info.
> I currently have the receiver connected to /dev/ttyS0 on the
> motherboard and I have a spare PCI serial port card lying around here.
> I think it should work with the 8250 module of the stock kernel.
> What I don't know is if I need a special LIRC driver for the
> transmitters or if I will be able to use the transmitters with -d
> /dev/ttyS1 respectivly /dev/ttyS2?
It used to be the case (and may well still be) that if you wanted to
control 2 LIRC devices using the same kernel module (lirc_serial in
this case) you needed to build 2 instances of LIRC and control each
device separately. The most common script for doing this was the
ledxmit 'procedure' available at

I used this in the past to run 2 instances of LIRC serial for a
separate receiver and transmitter, but since soldering the two devices
together onto a single serial connector I can use a single instance.
However, I'm sure that using two IR blasters will still require two
serial ports.

I'm not sure that you can run two instances of lircd (e.g. /dev/lircd
and /dev/lircd1) with the restriction on kernel modules, but the LIRC
list is by far the best place to ask.

> And: If I needed a special driver, can this driver use two
> transmitters at the same time without problems (i.e. sending the same
> code on both heads...).

If the 2 ports appear as regular serial ports and use the normal
kernel serial port driver, you should be fine. Just make sure they do
not conflict with the onboard serial port.

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