[mythtv-users] Diskless

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Thu Feb 15 02:19:29 UTC 2007

Paul Bender wrote:
> Rich West wrote:
>> I looked at MiniMyth (www.linpvr.com) as an option, and my brain 
>> screamed in agony.
> I am curious, what part(s) of MiniMyth made your brain hurt? At this 
> time, I am the main MiniMyth developer. I would like MiniMyth to be easy 
> to use. However, since I have used it for so long and know how it works 
> underneath, I do not have good sense of when some aspect of it is difficult.
(I responded to him directly since I thought this had drifted off topic, 
but, since there seemed to be further interest, I'm sending it to the list)

Well, I'll be blunt.  After a tough day which started with me feeling 
like I had no sleep and ended with my office looking like a rats nest 
(one Sun Netra T1 hooked up with a half-functioning console, a DLT7000 
hooked to my desktop machine, and three old beige dell's in various 
states of Linux installs), from which I scurried out of there to work my 
way through the horrible weather to get home.  By the time I got home, I 
had the tinge of a headache.

That should set the stage. :)

I tried and tried and tried to do a simple diskless boot based upon one 
of my mythtv frontends.  The image was rsync'ed, the GUI was installed, 
and the system netbooted with the issues I listed in the email to the 
list.  It failed every time with absolutely no change. :(

Every time I wandered over to look at minimyth, I got plainly confused.  
I wasn't sure what category in the documentation was for what I was 
trying to do (NFS boot), and I wasn't sure what arguments were to go in 
DHCP, or on the PXE append line, or in the config files.  It made me 
dizzy. :)

So, I called it quits on the diskless end of things (for now, anyway), 
took two Advil, and wandered over to the TV.

Quite probably the thing that gets me is that, every time I look at it, 
I say "If MiniMyth works, then why in the world won't this nfsboot 
method work?!"  I have all of the tools in place.. it's just 
frustrating.  And, to change gears and attempt a MiniMyth install when I 
know it can be done.  Eh.. maybe I should just bite the bullet and 
really try out MiniMyth.  Is it i386 or x86_64 based?


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