[mythtv-users] Diskless

Peter Bowyer peter at bowyer.org
Wed Feb 14 19:30:12 UTC 2007

On 13/02/07, Paul Bender <pebender at san.rr.com> wrote:
> Rich West wrote:
> > I looked at MiniMyth (www.linpvr.com) as an option, and my brain
> > screamed in agony.
> I am curious, what part(s) of MiniMyth made your brain hurt? At this
> time, I am the main MiniMyth developer. I would like MiniMyth to be easy
> to use. However, since I have used it for so long and know how it works
> underneath, I do not have good sense of when some aspect of it is difficult.

Speaking as someone who knows Linux and networking well but had never
got involved with diskless systems before, I found MiniMyth extremely
straightforward to implement. Everything went together exactly as the
MiniMyth documentation said it would.


Peter Bowyer
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