[mythtv-users] Brightness on nVidia FX6200 TC

Trey Thompson treythompson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 15:04:55 UTC 2007

> On 02/14/2007 03:58 AM, junk wrote:
> > Trey Thompson wrote:
> >
> >>> I can't adjust my brightness.  DVDs as well as shows play too dark.
> >>>
> >>> I changed the BoardName option in xorg.conf to be the result of an
> >>> lspci, which is "nVidia Corporation GeForce 6200 TurboCache(TM) (rev
> >>> a1)".
> >>>
> >>> I also reviewed posts about similar behavior, which is when I try to
> >>> adjust any of the options on "Adjust Picture", it goes from whatever
> >>> the preset value is (53% for brightness for example), to -1.
> >> Any ideas?  I've tried updating the nvidia-graphics from ATRPMS, and I
> >> still can't adjust brightness (or any other settings in "Adjust
> >> Picture").  How can I troubleshoot it?
> > I have similar hardware (I think - desktop with 6200 on motherboard).
> > The driver claims to support XV picture adjustments
> And it does
> >  but attempts to
> > change anything result in '-1' being displayed and no apparent change to
> > the picture.
> Because the hardware (i.e. NVIDIA 6x00 series and above) doesn't support
> Xv picture controls
> >  I'm also running SVN from around a month ago. I found on
> > Gentoo that using the absolute latest NVidia drivers improved the
> > default brightness from very very dark to slightly dark but I still do
> > not have working NV picture adjustment controls.
> For now (until Myth supports the new approach NVIDIA is using), you'll
> have to use nvidia-settings utility to adjust your
> brightness/contrast/gamma/etc.  However, this approach will cause /all/
> output--video /and/ graphics (i.e. even the MythTV UI and X and ...)--to
> be adjusted.
> Mike

Aw poopie.  Had to move to a PCIx card to free up a PCI slot for
another tuner, and couldn't find a 5200 locally (had a show starting
that night that the wife DEMANDED I record :) ).  Only thing with good
"Myth" related new I could find was the 6200 TC.  SVideo picture (for
X and Myth GUI) is MUCH brighter and better.  But, at the expense of
changing brightness/others on the fly.

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