[mythtv-users] Brightness on nVidia FX6200 TC

junk junk at giantblob.com
Wed Feb 14 15:00:37 UTC 2007

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 02/14/2007 03:58 AM, junk wrote:
>> Trey Thompson wrote:
>>>> I can't adjust my brightness.  DVDs as well as shows play too dark.
>>>> I changed the BoardName option in xorg.conf to be the result of an
>>>> lspci, which is "nVidia Corporation GeForce 6200 TurboCache(TM) (rev
>>>> a1)".
>>>> I also reviewed posts about similar behavior, which is when I try to
>>>> adjust any of the options on "Adjust Picture", it goes from whatever
>>>> the preset value is (53% for brightness for example), to -1.
>>> Any ideas?  I've tried updating the nvidia-graphics from ATRPMS, and I
>>> still can't adjust brightness (or any other settings in "Adjust
>>> Picture").  How can I troubleshoot it?
>> I have similar hardware (I think - desktop with 6200 on motherboard). 
>> The driver claims to support XV picture adjustments
> And it does
>>  but attempts to 
>> change anything result in '-1' being displayed and no apparent change to 
>> the picture.
> Because the hardware (i.e. NVIDIA 6x00 series and above) doesn't support 
> Xv picture controls

OK, I understand now - I'd assumed the driver wouldn't report the 
capability if the underlying hardware didn't actually support it.
>>  I'm also running SVN from around a month ago. I found on 
>> Gentoo that using the absolute latest NVidia drivers improved the 
>> default brightness from very very dark to slightly dark but I still do 
>> not have working NV picture adjustment controls.
> For now (until Myth supports the new approach NVIDIA is using), you'll 
> have to use nvidia-settings utility to adjust your 
> brightness/contrast/gamma/etc.  However, this approach will cause /all/ 
> output--video /and/ graphics (i.e. even the MythTV UI and X and ...)--to 
> be adjusted.
Thanks - that's great. I want to correct everything anyway so it's no 
great inconvenience to do it this way. The characteristics of the 6200 
video out are different from the output of my cable box and DVD recorder 
so I simply want to adjust the Myth box output once so it matches 
everything else. Currently I've been having to change the brightness and 
contrast on the TV every time I switch between the Myth box and any 
other source.

-- jeek
> Mike
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