[mythtv-users] Narrow Recorded Video

Calvin Harrigan charriglists at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 13 23:42:08 UTC 2007

ryan patterson wrote:
> I don't understand the difference between "Full" and "Off" it looks
> the same on my TV.  Could you explain how it looks "wrong" on your TV?
And it should, it used to look the same on this setup as well before the
upgrade to 0.20.  In off mode it makes the picture look squeezed in from
the sides.
Not as bad as say displaying 4:3 content on a 16:9 set.  But bad
enough.  It's like myth is scaling it to some smaller unknown
resolution.  If I had to take a guess, 640 x 480?

> On 2/13/07, *Calvin Harrigan* <charriglists at bellsouth.net
> <mailto:charriglists at bellsouth.net>> wrote:
>     I'm having a bit of a problem getting mythtv to play recorded full
>     screen on a remote frontend.
>     Gentoo
>     XP 1600
>     512 Megs Ram
>     Geforce MX4000
>     0.20 mythtv-0.20_p11626
>     nvidia-drivers-1.0.8776
>     This is connected to a 27" TV via S-Video.
>     Screen Resolution is 720x480
>     Use the TV output options and specifying the S-Video format in the
>     xorg.conf.
>     Everything is working fine except for one little issue.
>     I can't seem to make the video display full screen by default.  If I
>     cycle through the available aspect ratios (w key) I usually settle on
>     the "FULL" option to fill the entire screen. Previously I didn't
>     have to
>     change anything.  Just leave it at "OFF".
>     The GUI does work full-screen so I've ruled out xorg.conf issues.
>     All recordings are recorded in DVD quality at 4500-6000 kbs at
>     720x480.
>     I tried changing several options in the playback menu, use gui
>     resolution, don't use gui resolution.  Tried settings specific
>     resolutions per recording.  Tried the over-scan options, no
>     good.  I've
>     reset everything to default.  I've gone as far as to remove the
>     frontend
>     from the database and re-add it.  Still same narrow screen. Anyone
>     else
>     came across this issue.  This frontend has worked fine from 0.14 -
>     0.19.
>     I'm at a lost with 0.20.  The main be/fe seems to work fine.
>     Thanks for any feedback.
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