[mythtv-users] TV Output (NTSC): PVR350 vs. Radeon 9200SE recommendations?

Mark J. Scheller mark.j.scheller at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 13:18:00 UTC 2007

I recently changed my audio output to S/PDIF and now I can no longer use the
PVR350 to handle the heavy lifting of the MPEG decoding when playing back a
recording.  This has elicited some unfavorable reactions from my wife, since
now every time we jump forward or back it takes a few seconds for the video
to smooth out again.  But the audio is fantastic!

Anyway, I'm considering completely abandoning the TV Out from being handled
by the PVR350, as it's now not being very helpful.  The main video card in
my Myth box is a Radeon 9200SE, which also has an S-Video out.  From my
reading in various Google searches, it looks like switching the output to
the 9200SE will work.  Just wondering if anyone has compared the results of
the output of a PVR350 and a 9200SE and can comment on whether I should even
go that way?

Also, I would like an xorg.conf file using the ATI drivers (rpm already
installed) to drive an NTSC TV over the S-Video connection.


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