[mythtv-users] myth problems with external tuner

Michael Thome mthome at bbn.com
Mon Feb 12 15:32:23 UTC 2007

Whups - I appear to be partially mistaken and need to change my 
question.  It seems that scheduled recordings work fine, but the 
frontend refuses to let me watch live tv through B (when I try, I get A 
instead).  Maybe this is a user-interface issue: something other than 
"C" to change inputs?

Michael Thome wrote:
> I've got all the elements for connecting to an external tuner (cable 
> box) set up and working properly.  *outside* of mythtv, the channel 
> changer is working, ivtv drivers (for my pvr-150) works fine both with 
> internal tuner and cable box via composite-in.  The problem is that I 
> cannot seem to get mythtv to actually switch to card-1,composite under 
> any conditions.
> ...
> Setup:
> A = pvr-150 tuner w/analog lineup #1
> B = pvr-150 composite 1 w/digital cable lineup #2
> C = hd5500 dvb w/ dtv lineup #3
> A and C works, B is unselectable

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