[mythtv-users] myth problems with external tuner

Michael Thome mthome at bbn.com
Mon Feb 12 15:22:22 UTC 2007

I've got all the elements for connecting to an external tuner (cable 
box) set up and working properly.  *outside* of mythtv, the channel 
changer is working, ivtv drivers (for my pvr-150) works fine both with 
internal tuner and cable box via composite-in.  The problem is that I 
cannot seem to get mythtv to actually switch to card-1,composite under 
any conditions.

mythweb and the frontend's schedule see the extra channels (fully 
populated with schedules), mythweb's channel editor shows the third 
lineup with the premium channels.  I see no errors in any of the log 
files, but the frontend will not let me switch to it using "C", and 
scheduled recordings of any of those channels fail.  It doesn't appear 
that the channel changing script is ever run, either.  Switching to one 
of the cable-box only channels during live tv watching leaves me 
watching the pvr150's tuner input, tuned to the last channel - it seems 
to know enough to switch to the right card (and device = /dev/video0), 
but then bails out switching to composite 1 and changing the channel - 
does myth somehow not support this sort of use?!?

Any suggestions for how to proceed would be most welcome!

A = pvr-150 tuner w/analog lineup #1
B = pvr-150 composite 1 w/digital cable lineup #2
C = hd5500 dvb w/ dtv lineup #3

A and C works, B is unselectable


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