[mythtv-users] Archiving: how are you doing it?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Feb 11 00:20:42 UTC 2007

On Feb 10, 2007, at 4:57 PM, Mike Chandler wrote:

> Thanks for the detailed info, Brian. I am using MythArchive and it  
> works very
> well. I will look for DVDs on sale, as you suggest. I guess SVCDs  
> are not the
> way to go anymore, anyway.

Certainly not for "playable" disks. By the time you compress a 1 or 2  
hour program down to fit on a CD it looks pretty bad.

I suppose if you were to use MPEG4 encoding in one of its many  
variants you could get a lot more onto a CD. Some players will even  
play DiVX/XViD disks, but not too many will do so.

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