[mythtv-users] Archiving: how are you doing it?

Mike Chandler michaelachandler at cox.net
Sat Feb 10 23:57:01 UTC 2007

> I use Mythburn from a web interface to create playable DVDs, works
> fine, especially after you have edited out the commercials.
> If I don't want a playable DVD I just copy the video file to one of
> my big NFS-mounted drives, takes a long time but who cares.
> Starting with 0.20, which is what I assume you are running,
> MythArchive is the "new" way to go about archiving to DVD.
> CDs may be cheaper than DVDs but if you keep your eyes open and get
> them on sale you will find that DVDs are pretty cheap, and actually
> cheaper than CDs in terms of cents-per-megabyte.
> The Office supply type stores seem to have them on sale more often
> than the computer outlets, at least around here.

Thanks for the detailed info, Brian. I am using MythArchive and it works very 
well. I will look for DVDs on sale, as you suggest. I guess SVCDs are not the 
way to go anymore, anyway.

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