[mythtv-users] Dish 311 and lirc

Allison Jones allisonannejones at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 18:44:10 UTC 2007

I'm just starting with MythTv, so please be gentle :)

My setup:

kernel 2.6.17-10
Hauppauge PVR-150
Ubuntu Edgy Eft AMD64
ivtv-0.7.3 from source
lirc-0.8.1-CVS-pvr150 from here:
http://www.blushingpenguin.com/mark/blog/?p=24 (further patched to get rid
of an AMD 64 problem)

Everything is working well as far as the myth install, even got the xbox
frontend working (mostly) well.  However, I am continually unsuccessful in
getting my ir blaster to work.  I have a serial port blaster from
http://www.irblaster.info/ .  After much trial and mostly error, I finally
got it to emit IR signals.  However, I was unable to find a codeset that
actually worked with the Dish 311.  I googled until my fingers were bloody,
and tried every last Dish 311 lircd.conf that I could find, but it still
didn't work.

Thinking that maybe it was a problem with the serial blaster, I stumbled
upon Mark's Braindump, which purported to successfully use the ir
blaster/receiver on the Hauppauge 150.  After many attempts to get it
working, I was finally successful (after I patched, on my own, the source).
Once again, I get a blinking LED.  I tried every codeset available to use
with the Dish 311, but it still will not change channels/power off, etc.

I tried using mode2 to see if I could capture the signal from my dish
remote, but it doesn't show any keypresses.  Upon further reading, it seems
that it might be an issue with the Hauppauge receiver being incompatible
with the Dish remote.  I don't have another non-hauppauge receiver, and I
can't solder (well, never have anyway).

I also have tried changing the built-in codeset of the Dish receiver.  I
started at 1, and now I'm set to 9.

Anyway, I am *so close* to getting this going.  WAF is a
frequently-tossed-about term here, but I'm dealing with a HAF.  Right now,
he's totally not appreciating!  He says: "I told you we should have bought a

Please help me prove to him that Myth does work and is way better than a


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