[mythtv-users] Searches finding shows, but set to Inactive in upcoming recordings.

George Styles ripnetuk at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 15:51:39 UTC 2007


Ive just upgraded my bakend from a very old Myth to .20 (so I can use
the .20 binary frontend for MacOS on my new intel Mac Mini - works
VERY well)

The backend is the binary from Ubuntu multiverse, as is MythWeb.

I love the introduction of searches (especially custom searches with
your own SQL!).

When I enter a custom search (using mythweb), I can see the matched
programs in Upcoming recordings, but they are all set inactive (it
says MythTV Status:
    (Never Record) on the details, and there is an activate button in
the listing of upcoming recordings).

Also im having trouble getting the Find Date And Time to stick in the
schedule options screen - it keeps reseting to sunday.

At first I thought it only did the search at the specified date and
time (sunday in this case), but surely if it did that, the shows
wouldnt appear on upcoming recordings.

Does it only do the search on the day (eg sunday), but put the shows
in the upcoming recordings as 'possibles', only actually activating
one on the given date/time?

Is this a known problem? if so, is it with MythWeb, or MythTV itself?
i could update to the latest SVN or the .20 fixed version if so, but
im reluctant to do this if its not fixed or im just being dumb.



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