[mythtv-users] NAS RAID 5 for MythTv

Richard Pickler rpickler at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 00:40:44 UTC 2007

Thought I would go ahead and chime in here, as I have an applicable

My backend is running an areca ARC-1210 [
http://www.areca.com.tw/products/pcie.htm ] running in an athlon 64 machine
w/ 4x200GB raid 5 (unformatted 600GB).  (Wish I had dual core, I have this
machine handling a ton of other tasks and it pretty much has a constant load
average of 1.5 - 2.0 ).  The card has an open source driver written by their
own engineer, which is available in the -mm patch set.  I don't know if it
has yet made it into the mainline kernel.  I patched the kernel, installed
it, and excluded any kernel updates from yum so I don't destroy the driver.

On top of that, the card has a web server running on it that has all the
configuration and testing capabilities that are available in the bios
screen.  Through a little utility of theirs (which is prone to memory
leaks), you can forward outside of the machine however you want.  Also has a
full set of command line tools.  I'm not sure about hot-swapping though.

The thing has been rock solid, I highly recommend it.

On 2/8/07, Andreas Ntaflos <daff at dword.org> wrote:
> On Friday 09 February 2007 00:23:18 Stroller wrote:
> > On 8 Feb 2007, at 20:52, Robert Kulagowski wrote:
> > > ...
> > > Yes, I have a 5x320GB RAID-5 on a 9500S-12.  One of the drives is
> > > currently out and RMAd to Seagate, so I'm running with only 4 drives.
> > >
> > > I didn't have to power down the server to pull the drive - the RAID
> > > card
> > > had already bypassed the drive because it was throwing errors.
> >
> > That's very useful to hear.
> >
> > What are the drivers like for the 9500? OSS?
> > Written by the manufacturer? Part of the main kernel tree?
> As far as I can see it's in the main kernel:
> $ grep 3W /usr/src/linux/.config
> # CONFIG_BLK_DEV_3W_XXXX_RAID is not set
> # CONFIG_SCSI_3W_9XXX is not set
> > I have an old Compaq Proliant 6500 running as a home server at the
> > moment, but I haven't been able to migrate all my services to it
> > because of some glitches which I just don't seem to be able to track
> > down. My best guess is that either my hardware is flaky or simply
> > that Linux no longer properly supports well such an old & obscure
> > system. Certainly some of the diagnostic utilities don't work very
> > well - I don't think it's possible to determine drive status under
> > Linux - and you can't spin down the (very loud) fans. Simply put life
> > would be easier if I were able to replace it and drive space would be
> > cheaper using SATA.
> >
> > I'd be very interested to hear any other recommendations for an SATA
> > hardware RAID card that supports hot-swap & can be fully configured
> > under Linux. Although (considering the typical 1:$1 import rate
> > conversion) I'd prefer to pay less than $309, that price is
> > acceptable and far more important is driver support. I'd like a hot-
> > swap card that can easily be queried for driver status using the CLI,
> > logs errors to syslog and which can be expected to be supported under
> > Linux forever & a day (I thought I might look at some of those with
> > OpenBSD support, reasoning these cards are likely to have open driver
> > documentation & good Linux support, too).
> The new libata stuff made it into the 2.6.19 mainline kernel and supports
> many
> SATA controllers, especially the cheap ones (EUR 50,00--100,00), but not
> many
> have driver support for hotswap. Check out
> http://linux-ata.org/driver-status.html
> where you can see what hardware is supported and which features are
> available.
> Don't forget to check the driver/feature matrix before going out and
> buying a
> Promise TX4 (EUR 80,00) like I did; the hardware supports all the nice
> stuff
> but the driver doesn't.
> It seems that hardware implementing the AHCI specs are best supported by
> libata but I don't know of any controller cards you can purchase
> separately.
> Maybe some mainboards with newer Intel or Nvidia chipsets have such SATA
> controllers built in?
> The 3ware controllers are probably the best option for the moment as
> libata
> certainly needs a few more months before becoming really useful.
> That's just my two cents, though, others probably have more experience
> with
> SATA controllers and related stuff.
> Andreas
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