[mythtv-users] Newbie: How do I properly map my HD channels to my pcHD5500 dvb card ?

Irumbo Mateene imateene at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 8 22:56:11 UTC 2007

I am using MythTv snv , I switched to this version as it allows me to skip encrypted channels that Comcast my cable provider displays.channels on my dvb card appear as XX.XX  e.g 105.1, 105.10 etc ..- I logged into DataDirect and setup an account with the digital HD channels I wish to see ..- chose cable high in MythTv to scan for channels using QAM 256- logged into MythFrontEnd and switched to hd5500 card, switched to channel I liked and hit "e" for channel editor ...- probe option is not working ,  I don't have XMLID's for my HD channels .. - I looked up an analog channel and tried to copy the settings in Channel Editor so they appeared similar to HD Channel with no results.   Program Guide is not showing the progam  listings for my HD channels.  for ex.  if Editor for analog had Channel 10 and there was a similar HD Channel present I would replace Channel 10 with the Channel number of the HD Channel.   e.g  if Fox is 10 in analog and 111 in HD on comcast, I'd fill in 111 in the channel editor overriding the channel value that my dvb card had set up.. please advisethxim
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