[mythtv-users] Can not RIP DVD

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Feb 8 02:52:13 UTC 2007

On Feb 7, 2007, at 3:57 PM, Paulo Rocha wrote:

> Hi, I am going nuts with this thing and can't figure it out.
> I can play DVD's and CD's
> I can rip CD's
> I can rip individual titles of DVD's
> but when I try to rip the movie (title 1) in any format (ie. iso,  
> perfect) I
> get nothing.
> If I use iso it looks like it's working but at around the 50 sec  
> mark it's
> stops and give me the nothing to do screeen. When I check the  
> mtd.log I see a
> DVD device read error.
> If I use the perfect mode it will appear to work for hours and myth  
> dvd rip
> shows that in needs 500+ hours to rip.
> I am running FC 6 on a AMD Athlon 2400+
> any ideas would really be grateful.

Is this just on one particular DVD or on many or all of them. I  
believe I've read (probably here) about some newer DVDs that have  
intentional bad sectors as a copy protection scheme and may not be  
easily ripped by normal techniques.

Remember that certain forces are doing there level best to stop you  
from doing what you are trying to do.

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