[mythtv-users] Can not RIP DVD

Paulo Rocha paul at mymortgagemyway.com
Wed Feb 7 22:57:49 UTC 2007

Hi, I am going nuts with this thing and can't figure it out.

I can play DVD's and CD's
I can rip CD's
I can rip individual titles of DVD's

but when I try to rip the movie (title 1) in any format (ie. iso, perfect) I 
get nothing.

If I use iso it looks like it's working but at around the 50 sec mark it's 
stops and give me the nothing to do screeen. When I check the mtd.log I see a 
DVD device read error.

If I use the perfect mode it will appear to work for hours and myth dvd rip 
shows that in needs 500+ hours to rip.

I am running FC 6 on a AMD Athlon 2400+

any ideas would really be grateful.


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