[mythtv-users] Mandriva Free 2007 & MythTV .20

Padayachee, Mervin UTCFS Mervin.Padayachee at chubb.co.za
Wed Feb 7 07:34:13 UTC 2007

Are these packages showing on your box 'cos you installed the QT-devel
and MySql-devel post Mandriva installation. When I run rpm -qa | grep
libqt3 I see the same results as you, Does this mean that it is
installed or available to install. I am behind a proxy so it seems that
wget has a problem reading hdlist.cz from PLF. 






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Although this is not really related to mythtv, Mandriva should have
the needed packages available freely, either in their "main" or in
the "contrib" repository.

When I look for the package you mention on my box, I get

[root at myth2 /]# rpm -qa | grep libqt3

So these are just original Mandriva packages. I think you need to get
your uprmi sources working, please check on another list for how to
do that - easyurpmi is for sure a good place to start.

I use the following urpmi sources, all of which can be found on
2007_main.release, PLF 2007.0, 2007_main.backports,
2007_main.testing, 2007_main.updates, 2007_contrib.release,
2007_contrib.backports, 2007_contrib.testing, 2007_contrib.updates
(not all of them are configured to be active sources, though)



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Padayachee, Mervin UTCFS wrote: 

Hi Mark,


Thanks for your reply 


I am following the pdf guide on mythtv.org and am stuck at 


# urpmi  libqt3-mysql


bash states no package by that name.


I have used rpmsearch but to no avail. I am sure that I need to get
QT-devel and MySQL-devel but I don't know how to get these. I tried to
setup repositories for URPMI using easyurpmi but it fails no headers in


I am using Mandriva 2007.0 free 3 cd download. I have installed most of
the development packages but it does not seem to have what's required.


Thanks for your help.



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