[mythtv-users] nvidia 6200tc tearing and high xorg cpu usage seemingly fixed

Paul Robertson paulrobertson at swbell.net
Mon Feb 5 04:15:49 UTC 2007

Apparently I'm missing something here.  I still see tearing with said
settings.  I'm running 2.2GHz XP-M geforce 6200, using 9746 driver.  A
couple questions:


1. Are you using Xvmc?    My proc is not fast enough to run without it.
720p and 1080i are jerky without it, but runs at about 40-50% CPU
utilization with it.


2. Are you using mythfrontend OpenGL sync?   Tearing is much better with it
on but still noticeable.


I see very little difference in CPU util,  or tearing with or without  these

1. "UseEvents" "True"

2. "Video Texture Adaptor" "Sync to Vblank"

3. even tried "OpenGL" "Sync to Vblank"





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