[mythtv-users] Inexpensive universal remote and IR receiver

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Feb 5 02:37:17 UTC 2007

Daniel Agar wrote:
> I'm looking for suggestions for an inexpensive universal remote and IR
> receiver that I could easily find in Canada.
According to www.remotecentral.com the best inexpensive universal remote 
around is the Sony RM-VL600 for a US MSRP of $25.00. It may be difficult 
to find and appears to only be available at Sony Stores in Canada or 
on-line. There is a Sony Store at a mall near me and I intend to check 
it out the next time I am near there. Sony Canada lists it at just under 
$40 CDN. Full learning remote to $40!

The RM=VL310 is even cheaper ($20.00 Cdn) but only controls 5 units to 
the 600's 8. For the difference I would definitely go for the 600.

According to the (extensive) reviews on remote central, both are excellent.

For IR receivers, check out the Imon Soundgraph line. They make 
standalone and computer-bay models. The Imon line are used in the 
Silverstone cases, (one of which I have) and it works very well indeed.

I'm thinking about a universal remote too because the remote which came 
with my Silverstone, is a one machine unit, and the remote count is 
presently at 5 and holding...barely.


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