[mythtv-users] How to prevent learning remote from repeating signal?

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Mon Feb 5 01:37:33 UTC 2007

Henry S. Greenside <hsg at phy.duke.edu> says:
> I purchased an inexpensive Sejin wireless IR keyboard
> (from pacificgeek.com)


> All of the remote commands work well except when the
> remote transmits the "Escape" key (mapped to the Exit
> button on the remote), the remote then evidently
> transmits several repetitions of Escape and so mythtv
> then jumps up to the highest menu level, asking if you
> want to exit or not from the frontend.

First, the above is the classic sign that when you trained the remote
with the keyboard you only got the first of the two keycodes
associated with the Escape key. See

Second, if you haven't already, I'll bet you'll see situations in
which other remote buttons you've trained start repeating because the
IR sensor only saw the first of the two signals the remote transmits
per button. See

After fixing the first issue by relearning the button with the
keyboard, fix the second by turning off repeating keyboard keys. I do
it with "xset r off" in the .Xclients shell script that launches
mythfrontend and the ratpoison window manager. Depending on your
setup, you might be able to do it by going into the GNOME or KDE
control panel and turning off repeating keys. Two caveats: 1) This of
course means that the keyboard keys also won't repeat. 2) It's
possible that any keyboard-trained remote buttons you *do* want to
repeat, such as volume, might not repeat either.

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