[mythtv-users] MythMusic DecoderMad

Keith Millar keith at fnkmillar.com
Sun Feb 4 23:36:44 UTC 2007

brian wrote:
> Keith Millar wrote:
>> brian wrote:
>>>>>    Does the Suse FE have read(/write) access to the directory containing 
>>>>> your music files?
>>>> yes
>>>    Okay.  The error message seems to indicate otherwise.
>>>    Next question:  is the path to the music files, from the Suse FE's 
>>> vantage point, the same as it is on the Gentoo FE/BE ? 
>> The paths to the music files are the same on both machines
>> I have changed permissions on my music directory to allow access from 
>> all and still the same error message.
>    This seems strange, as "Failed to open input.  Error 5" would point 
> to an access, permission, or 0-length file, all of which you've 
> eliminated as possibilities.  You indicate that the filenames and paths 
> are identical, and the permissions allow anybody to access the files. 
> You've copied the file successfully from the shell prompt, so it's not 
> some Samba weirdness...
>    I guess you might try running the remote FE with logging enabled (-v 
> all) and reproduce the problem... then we can pour over the log output.

I used the following command to  collect log info
mythfrontend -v all > /home/ben/Desktop/mythlog.txt
however when closed the remote FE down I was left with this message on

mythtv: could not connect to socket
mythtv: Connection refused
lirc_init failed for mythtv, see preceding messages
Decoder error. DecoderMAD: Failed to open input.  Error 5.
Decoder error. DecoderMAD: Failed to open input.  Error 5.
Segmentation fault

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