[mythtv-users] Surround Sound AS3/DTS out SPDIF

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Sun Feb 4 21:59:55 UTC 2007

On Sunday 04 February 2007 16:32, Josh wrote:
> As anyone that's been reading the list recently knows, I have a
> Revolution 7.1 that I can get everything to work with except for AC3 or
> DTS pass through... it just doesn't work for me on Fedora Core 6 (or
> Fedora Core 5). I have all but given up on this card and want to buy one
> that I know will work.
> Can people that have AC3 and/or DTS pass through working over S/PDIF
> (Coax or Optical) please let me know what distro and sound card your using?

I'm using the built-in sound hardware on a Biostar PT880 Pro-A7C motherboard 
with an auxiliary SPDIF bracket (the motherboard just has an SPDIF header). 
This motherboard uses a VIA 8237R chipset for audio functions. I'm using the 
32-bit Ubuntu 6.10 with a locally-compiled kernel. The 2.6.17 kernel 
that shipped with Ubuntu 6.10 worked for 2-channel sound out the SPDIF 
connector, but I couldn't get MythTV to output 5.1-channel sound with that 
configuration. The and kernels seem to have fixed that. (I 
haven't tried anything in-between Ubuntu's 2.6.17 and the generic 

Note that getting 5.1 sound working can be frustrating, since there are quirky 
hardware-specific mixer and perhaps even MythTV settings needed. It's 
possible that you'll be able to get your card working, but I can't offer 
specific suggestions for your hardware. Best of luck with your current 
hardware or whatever you get to replace it.

Rod Smith

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