[mythtv-users] Priorities?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Feb 3 00:47:34 UTC 2007

Jan Johansson wrote:
> I have a master backend with a PVR-500, these used to be encoder 1 & 2.
> I have a slave backend/frontend with OVR-350. This used to be encoder 3.
> I upgraded kernel/ivtv on Master Backend to 2.6.18 / 0.82, and MyhtTV
> now said "Found 0 recorders".

Right, because ivtv changed the input names,,,

> A user on the #mythtv-users suggested that I tried to remove the cards,
> and re-add them in MythTV-setup.

s/the cards/all cards/

> I did this, and now my master backend once again found two recorders.
> But they are now Encoder 4&5.

This means that you deleted just the cards 1&2 on that
host. Then you re-added them as the next higher numbers
after 3.

You need to "(Delete all capture cards)". Then re-add all
cards in the order that you would prefer. Depending on your
resources and signal quality, you may want to consider putting
1 and 2 on opposite machines so it only doubles up when there
are three recordings at the same time. But whatever your
reasoning, enter them in the order of your default preference.
Way too much detail available at:


--  bjm

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