[mythtv-users] Not happy with StreamZap remote

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Fri Feb 2 21:35:16 UTC 2007

On Feb 2, 2007, at 2:08 PM, Scott Johnson wrote:

> After giving up on LIRC with my TV Tuner remote I bought a  
> StreamZap USB
> receiver and remote and it worked right away on my Fedora Core 4  
> MythTv
> box.  My problem is that it is tricky to use.  You have to press and
> hold each button for just the right amount of time.  Too long and it
> repeats the press.  Too short and it skips it.   I can tolerate it but
> it nags me.  So that is my first problem.  The second is that the IR
> receiver flashes its bright red LED in my living room 24 hours per  
> day.
> The LED flashes in Windows too but the remote is much more  
> responsive in
> Windows.
> I hoped that the problems were the Streamzap receiver and after it
> annoyed me enough I bought a second StreamZap remote and receiver to
> test that theory.  At least maybe the red LED wouldn't flash any more,
> or so I hoped.  Wrong, the new receiver still flashes its LED and is
> just as sluggish in MythTv.

Sounds like you might have something interfering with your remote. Do  
you have any flourescent lights in the room? Sunlight? Does this  
happen at night with all the lights off? Do you perhaps have any RF  
devices that might be getting into the receiver?
> The StreamZap is a part of the reference KnoppMyth hardware  
> (Dragon) so
> people must be getting better results from it than I am.  I just  
> want to
> confirm this before I spend my precious free time on something LIRC
> related.  I blew weeks of my free time trying to get the TV tuner  
> remote
> to work.  I can't imagine that people are paying $1150 for Dragon 2.0
> and then have to put a piece of tape over the LED.

This is definitely the wrong place to complain that "I paid good  
money..." MythTV is open source GPL software that comes with NO  

Myth is NOT a commercial product, and if that's what you want you  
have the wrong product.

If anybody told you differently they were wrong, and any monetary  
complaints should be taken up with whoever has your money, not folks  
here who try and help people out for nothing.

Sorry, but I felt that had to be said.

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