[mythtv-users] Stuttering when watching DVD with subtitles

me at blaue0.net me at blaue0.net
Fri Feb 2 08:46:54 UTC 2007


my frontend seems to have a strange problem: If I turn on subtitles in  
a DVD, every time a new subtitles must be rendered it'll lose some  
frames. I doubt that this is hardware related, as it works with  
mplayer. Anyway, here's my hardware:

AMD AthlonXP 1800+
512 MB RAM
Shuttle Motherboard
32 MB CF card

If I ssh into the box while watching I can see that there is about  
15-20% idle when subtitles are rendered, so it is definitly not a  
cpupower-problem. But I don't have any other ideas. Maybe someone else  
has a useful hint for me...


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