[mythtv-users] Mythbackend using 100% CPU when idle

brian turbo at talstar.com
Thu Feb 1 22:54:24 UTC 2007

Chris Weiland wrote:
> I'm having a very strange problem with mythbackend in that sometimes it 
> will use up 100% of my CPU when doing absolutely nothing.  It does not 
> happen right away, but only after running for between an hour to a day 
> or so.  So, I can't really reproduce it quickly, and I don't know what 
> is to blame.  Here's a concise list of symptoms:
> -100% CPU usage when not doing any recording/playback
> [blah blah blah, etc]
> My system:
> www.debian-multimedia.org <http://www.debian-multimedia.org>'s apt 
> source for MythTV.  I believe this was created from an svn snapshot from 
> early december.

   Without a more concise version number, it's difficult to say 
precisely what your problem may be.   Nevertheless, if it came from an 
SVN snapshot, you might be getting bitten by the upnp bug that cropped 
up in SVN for a while.

   I would suggest contacting the package maintainer and asking them to 
up-(or down-)grade to a newer (or older) SVN snapshot.   Until they get 
around to doing that, you might locate the script that is used to start 
mythbackend on your machine, and add the "--noupnp" flag to the line 
that invokes mythbackend.   See if your problem doesn't disappear.

  - briand

> Any ideas?

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