[mythtv-users] Mythbackend using 100% CPU when idle

Chris Weiland hobbiticus at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 00:14:44 UTC 2007

Yep, that did the trick - added the --noupnp flag and now when I start up my
360, the backend no longer dies a horrible death.  Thanks!

On 2/1/07, brian <turbo at talstar.com> wrote:
> Chris Weiland wrote:
> > I'm having a very strange problem with mythbackend in that sometimes it
> > will use up 100% of my CPU when doing absolutely nothing.  It does not
> > happen right away, but only after running for between an hour to a day
> > or so.  So, I can't really reproduce it quickly, and I don't know what
> > is to blame.  Here's a concise list of symptoms:
> >
> > -100% CPU usage when not doing any recording/playback
> > [blah blah blah, etc]
> >
> > My system:
> > www.debian-multimedia.org <http://www.debian-multimedia.org>'s apt
> > source for MythTV.  I believe this was created from an svn snapshot from
> > early december.
>    Without a more concise version number, it's difficult to say
> precisely what your problem may be.   Nevertheless, if it came from an
> SVN snapshot, you might be getting bitten by the upnp bug that cropped
> up in SVN for a while.
>    I would suggest contacting the package maintainer and asking them to
> up-(or down-)grade to a newer (or older) SVN snapshot.   Until they get
> around to doing that, you might locate the script that is used to start
> mythbackend on your machine, and add the "--noupnp" flag to the line
> that invokes mythbackend.   See if your problem doesn't disappear.
>   - briand
> > Any ideas?
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