[mythtv-users] via epia XvMC at 100% blocking lirc

Ronald Pijnacker pijnacker at dse.nl
Sat Dec 29 20:59:49 UTC 2007

Hi all,

After running 0.19 on my via eipa for a couple of years, I decided to update
to ubuntu with the mythbuntu package (7.10, mythtv 0.20-fixes).
Everything is running rather well, except for two problems:

1. I am using viaXvMC (as before) but the CPU is up-to 100% on SD recordings.
   On the same recording, xine is doing 35% with xvmc. This leads me to
   conclude that xvmc itself is setup correctly.

   In the log file I get a lot of messages like:
      VideoOutputXv Error: Child      <x>     was already marked as available.
   I've googled for this message and more people have reported the problem,
   but I was not able to find any cause or solution.

2. There is a problem with lirc while running mythtv.
   I've tried to diagnose using mode2 while running a variety of programs.
   No problems with any. However in mythtv (running without lirc) there are
   periods when there is no output from /dev/lirc0, specifically after 
   jumps forward/backward. The problem seems to be related to the problem
   above, because I get output again when doing another jump while in the
   logfile I get the message mentioned above.

Any help / pointers is much appreciated.


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