[mythtv-users] Progress

Chris K ckotting at wideopenwest.com
Wed Dec 26 22:01:03 UTC 2007

sa_cooke at iprimus.com.au wrote:
> Thanks to all who helped yesterday. I decided I wanted to get mythtv working
> for me, and although I currently have no picture, I have made considerable
> progress. I live in Hobart, Australia, and getting info on relevant frequencies,
> xmltv etc is time consuming - it doesn't all happen magically. This will
> add to the satisfaction levels when I finally have this working!
> Would it be useful to write up what I have done, including all the links
> to data I've used? I'm guessing that there may be others in a similar situation
> to me that would like a guide that is more specific to the area they live
> in.
> Steve.
Steve -

Even if nobody else is in your exact situation, your write up would 
likely help others who are in "kinda similar" spots.  Please do it.  If 
you feel really conscientious, put it in the MythTV Wiki.

Chris K.  (Who was in a "kinda similar" spot...)

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