[mythtv-users] Sound stopped working after upgrading to 20.2

E K dataclue at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 25 16:47:01 UTC 2007

After much effort, I had MythTV working (successfully recording & playing back shows) except for program guides / listings. Then I upgraded to 20.2 to get SchedulesDirect, and got that working successfully (with program guides and even serial port channel switching) -- but it broke sound, the recording of sound stopped working. 
  This is very frustrating and hopefully this list can help me or send me somewhere to get help. I have read the various wiki documents, searched the archives and tried a variety of remedies. 
  The symptoms:
  1. Sound on the computer works fine overall. 
  2. Sound playback of previously MythTV recorded (before upgrade) live TV programs works fine.
  3. Sound from the tuner card is fine (it has been piped through a patch cable to the CD input onto the motherboard), can hear it in other TV-watching applications and also just through the normal sound system. 
  4. MythTV when watching or recording produces a few seconds of somewhat distored sound and then clicking / noise, etc. Depending on settings, it sometimes seems to repeat the same segment of sound over & over again, sometimes produces merely clicks, etc. But it never does sound correctly as it used to. 
  5. MythTV problem exists both when watching live and when playing back a recording. 
  6. The computer is a dual-AM2 box with 2G of RAM and reasonably fast disks, so that's no excuse. 
  Things I have tried:
  1. Going back and settings all of the sampling rates in recording profiles to 48000 instead of 32000, since that was one of the keys to making sound work correctly the first time around. 
  2. Playing with various other settings, such as volume, encoding, input, etc. 
  3. Making another run at attempting to use the /dev/dsp1 input associated with the cx88 FusionHDTV Gold card I have -- no luck, it just produces noise. (It seems almost like it's always tuned to snow on an RF channel).. *
  *NOTE: sound used to work with MythTV using the CD input, and still works for all other applications. Using the tuner card input was just an attempted workaround -- if someone knows how to make it work, that'd be a bonus, but not the subject of this post.
  4. Quite confident it's not an audio output problem, given that old shows still play back fine, and newly recorded ones do not.
  It's pretty clear that MythTV is using the right input -- it starts picking up something from the input, but then chokes. Any ideas? Is this the right list or are there other ways of getting help? Thank you. 

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