[mythtv-users] Horrible Audio Problems on Video Glitch

Bryan Murphy bryan.murphy at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 13:22:01 UTC 2007

On Dec 20, 2007 5:18 AM, Brion Swanson <brions at usalug.net> wrote:
> My neighbor swears by this DB-2 antenna:
> http://www.antennasdirect.com/DB2_Indoor_antenna.html
> He lives in a city home with the antenna on the first floor and lots of
> reflection.  Supposedly it does a very good job of canceling reflected
> signals and is designed primarily for HDTV on the UHF band. I don't
> believe it's powered.
> Maybe it's worth checking out?
> Brion

Thanks.  These are all great suggestions, and give me something to
think.  However, I'm still concerned as none of these really address
the underlying issue:  why does MythTV screech when mplayer does not?
 I could have the best antenna in the world, but with the right
atmosphere conditions the video will probably still occasionally

I'm thinking their has got to be some option somewhere, maybe an
ffmpeg build option or an alternative to ffmpeg that causes it to
handle the audio stream better, or mute when it detects something

As a side note, I occasionally got the screeching sound when fast
forwarding/rewinding an audio stream (and this was before I upgraded
to the HD card).  Back then it happened so infrequently that it didn't
really bother me, but it did happen.  That indicates to me that no
matter how good the signal was (I recorded all that video directly off
of my cable box), MythTV still does something funky with the audio
stream mplayer shows us that we can clearly address it.


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