[mythtv-users] screensaver issues

Jacob Steenhagen jacob at steenhagen.us
Tue Dec 18 14:23:23 UTC 2007

On 12/17/07, brad at bradandkim.net <brad at bradandkim.net> wrote:
> Mythtv does prevent the screensaver from kicking in if I am using the KDE
> screensaver.  But when I use the command line xscreensaver it does not.
> Basically everything works great with the KDE screensaver except I cannot
> deactivate it without using the keyboard or mouse.

I'm really curious about this as I'd like to enable a screen saver on my
myth box. Is there maybe something that can be added to lirc's config to
tell it that if the screen saver is the foreground app it should "press a

Also, I'm curious, does pressing a key on the remote reset the inactivity
timeout? For example, if you had the screen saver set to go after 1 minute
of inactivity, would it instead go 1 minute after KDE loads up irregardless
of if you're using the remote or not?

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