[mythtv-users] MythVideo: file name sorting oddity

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Thu Dec 13 21:06:24 UTC 2007

> So am I basically hearing that the sorting is not wrong.  In the en_US 
> locale "X", "X 2", and "X 3" are correctly sorted as "X 3", "X 2", "X", 
> and this is not possible to change (easily or correctly)?

No, you changed examples. (X3, X2, X) sorts to (X, X2, X3). However,
(X3.ext, X2.ext, X.ext) sorts to (X2.ext, X3.ext, X.ext).

This doesn't match what you see, probably because I didn't bother merging
the sort key (the things used when title sorting) fixes from trunk back to
-fixes (either because a release was imminent, or I'm lazy, likely the

> I'm sure there's a way for me to sort differently (say by file name) and 
> then rename all my files or just live with it if this is simply not 
> something that is changable or desired by anyone but me.

Currently even switching to file name sorting would not fix your issue. If
extensions are compared (they are) then the "wrong" order I've given above
will be the result.

Eventually, something like Michael T. Dean's patch will probably be done.

I will try to get no-extension name compares in soon.

Anduin Withers

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